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Nick Leary, Hooper London & Brash partner in weaving the extraordinary, disrupting the luxury property and hospitality category in Australia through its newest creation, Silkari.

True to their name, revolutionary property developers, Visionary Investment Group (VIG) seized their passion in bringing to market a remarkably bold, distinct and innovative brand concept to Australia. One that links multiple projects, creating the impact required to seriously disrupt the luxury property and hospitality category.

Silkari a luxury property brand and 5 star hotel to later be developed on Castlereagh St, Sydney and this video was featured at a rather extravagant launch event in Sydney’s Town Hall.

The video was shot on the Red Epic Dragon over two days at Sun Studios and three days on location around Sydney.

"By mixing incredible CGI I was able to bring Silkari to life and create living situations with the models seen in this video.It really gives us a nice experience for and a feel for what the hotel and properties will feel like."

VIG investment group introduced a new brand Silkari.

Under the Silkari umbrella stood 3 separate products.

  • Silkari Hotels
  • Silkari suites Chatswood
  • S Pagewood

The challenge keeping 3 components on brand visually.

Our teams worked & created an individual experience for each but unifying the brands look and feel into One.